La Chimenea – Saukville 4/5

150 S. Foster Dr
Saukville, WI 53080

La Chimenea in Saukville, WI is an authentic Mexican restaurant with some of the best Mexican food around. This is La Chimenea’s second location. Together they offer a large selection of Mexican specialties. But is their food, service, and atmosphere worth spending a night on the town?

Immediately when you walk in, it’s evident that the owners tried to give La Chimenea a “sports bar” atmosphere. There are tons of big screen TVs all around tuned to ESPN and other sports channels. The dining area is one big open space that is separated by raised platforms. The majority of their seating is tables. However, there are a handful of half-circle booths for larger groups. Overall, their atmosphere is a little drab. The only true decorations they have are the TVs, which are impressive in size but not appeal. From the looks of it, their Americanized sports bar décor falls short of their authentic Mexican persona. The good news is that their food is a stark contrast to the dreary atmosphere.

La Chimenea’s menu is organized mainly in plates of two or three. Confusingly, many entrees come in plates of two AND three but with completely different names, so it might take a little reading to figure out exactly what you want.

I ordered the “Zapata,” which is just two tacos al pastor with rice and beans. If you’re unenlightened, tacos al pastor is marinated pork usually served with pineapple, cilantro, and diced onions. La Chimenea was the first place that I ordered the dish, and I fell in love. Their tacos al pastor is a delicious mix of savory, spicy, and sweet. At other Mexican restaurants you’ll find that they skimp on the preparation and only put pineapple juice into the marinade, not pineapple chunks the actual taco. What results is a less-than-stellar taco that can’t hold a candle up to La Chimenea’s. My dinner mates and I go to La Chimenea just to order their tacos al pastor! Although, we all agree that their other dishes are equally as delicious. Overall, their food is amazingly good. It doesn’t arrive soaked in grease, either, which is a problem that seems to plague many Mexican restaurants.

The service is insightful and friendly. They are attentive enough that I wasn’t left without refills for long periods of time. Having such great service was very refreshing.

La Chimenea offers delicious fare with attentive service at reasonable prices. The atmosphere might not be the best, but it doesn’t matter when compared to the areas they shine. It is highly recommended for people who usually don’t like Mexican food—the food doesn’t come soaked in grease and they have a large variety of dishes to try. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by La Chimenea!

Visit Verde--an original Thomas Kinkade painting personally signed. It's a sold out edition, comes with certificate of authenticity and limitation, and print number. This is an investment given the fact the artist has just passed. Everyone knows what happens after that... 
On this weekend event adventure I visited, with anticipation, the Accidental Genius at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I was pleasantly surprised (unnecessarily) to find that “Art in Bloom” was “included” this particular day!

Accidental Genius is art from the collection of a man named Anthony Petullo -- all of the art is from “self-taught” artists. This was also of particular interest to me because I feel a self-motivated risk taker is a little how I would describe a part of myself. The pictures, paints, marker + pen + pencil art was in one word “disturbingly cool.” It reminded me of what I imagine how people see dreams, especially if they have been drinking or have a really bad cold. It is collectively a peek into the psyche of an individual at a specific emotional moment. Reading the bio’s of each artist I feel is critical for this exhibit. It gives you a perspective of greater understanding and appreciation of the work -- one could just view the work, then there would be a sense of lost context of the work. This is a so-so exhibit if you are a die in the wool art person. It will intrigue the academic but only to a point. For the rest of us it gives real hope that the ink and marker or crayon art you toyed with when you were young could really be something.

Art in Bloom was also included. This was a disappoint. Mostly vendors selling the "look I can turn a spoon into an insect,” or arrange a floral display with such condescension that when you pay more than $50.00 for it you will have to tell someone it's art. 
Are the neighbor’s cats still mistaking your lawn for their litter box? Mix up crushed orange peels and coffee grounds and spread them over where the cat has done its business. Soon, the cat will be pointed in the right direction! If they don’t take the hint, lay down a second batch and try moistening it with a bit of water.
Fill your home with the refreshing scent of fresh citrus! Peel several orange and/or lemon peels and simmer them in 1-2 cups of water. Keep simmering for a few hours, adding water if the pot becomes too dry. Soon the air in your home will be as fresh as the spring breeze! 
Pomanders have been used for centuries to perfume spaces and even ward off disease. They are simple to make. Take an orange and stick whole cloves onto it until it is covered with the spice. Hang it with string, twine, or fishing line. Place it wherever you wish to have filled with the fresh scent of clove and orange!


Next time you build a fire on a chilly spring night, use dried orange and lemon peels as kindling instead of newspaper. Why? Not only do they smell better, but they don’t emit harmful chemicals. The natural oils in the citrus also let them burn much longer than paper ever could! 
Maharaja -- 5/5

1550 N Farwell  Ave
  Milwaukee, WI 53202

Maharaja is a Sanskrit title for “great king”. Does the Indian restaurant on Farwell Ave deserve such a venerable title?

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