On this weekend event adventure I visited, with anticipation, the Accidental Genius at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I was pleasantly surprised (unnecessarily) to find that “Art in Bloom” was “included” this particular day!

Accidental Genius is art from the collection of a man named Anthony Petullo -- all of the art is from “self-taught” artists. This was also of particular interest to me because I feel a self-motivated risk taker is a little how I would describe a part of myself. The pictures, paints, marker + pen + pencil art was in one word “disturbingly cool.” It reminded me of what I imagine how people see dreams, especially if they have been drinking or have a really bad cold. It is collectively a peek into the psyche of an individual at a specific emotional moment. Reading the bio’s of each artist I feel is critical for this exhibit. It gives you a perspective of greater understanding and appreciation of the work -- one could just view the work, then there would be a sense of lost context of the work. This is a so-so exhibit if you are a die in the wool art person. It will intrigue the academic but only to a point. For the rest of us it gives real hope that the ink and marker or crayon art you toyed with when you were young could really be something.

Art in Bloom was also included. This was a disappoint. Mostly vendors selling the "look I can turn a spoon into an insect,” or arrange a floral display with such condescension that when you pay more than $50.00 for it you will have to tell someone it's art. 


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